Toolmaking at Cahill Plastics

Cahill Plastics provides a full design and manufacture service for the production of its mould tools advising you on the most suitable mould construction methods.

imageWe operate high end 3D CAD packages and can accept data from most the major design platforms. The most common file format we receive is IGS

We can manufacture mould tools from various materials including High grade aluminium alloy P20 steel and hardenened steel

All tooling can be trialled in-house and ISIR can be provided with samples.

Aluminium Alloy Tooling


The aluminium used in our tools is a high-grade aluminium alloy which is easier and quicker to machine and polish than steel keeping the manufacturing costs and lead times to a minimum

Typical lead times for aluminium tools depending on complexity are between 1-6 weeks

A well maintained aluminiium tool can last for over 100'000 shots(depending on polymer)before needing any kind of refurbishment


P20 Pre Toughened steel Tooling

P20 is a pre hardened high tensile tool steel in a hardened and tempered condition, therefore does not require further heat treatment ,this eliminates the risks, cost, and waiting time of heat treatment thus avoiding the associated possibility of distortion or even cracking. Subsequent component modifications can easily be carried out.

Typical lead times for P20 tools depending on complexity are between 4-12 weeks

P20 tools can last in excess of 500,000 shots.

Hardened Steel Tooling

Hardened steel mould tools are generally very durable and capable of millions of parts,

once hardened it is very dificult to modify , they are very costly compared to aluminium tooling and the manufacturing proccess can take weeks-months longer

Typical lead times for hardened steel tools depending on complexity are between 8-16 weeks


Toolroom Plant Listimage
  • 1 Hurco VMX30M CNC Machining center
  • 2 Hurco VM1 CNC Machining center
  • 1 Hurco Hawk CNC knee mills
  • 1 colechester CNC Lathe
  • 2 Jones & shipman surface grinders
  • 1 Ona E400 Wire eroder
  • 1 Hurco CNC spark eroder
  • 2 XYZ knee mills


Updated on Sept 2012